Sunday, March 14, 2010

Walking in the sun..

I was walking. Walking back from class on a hot Friday afternoon. I was walking because my cycle was punctured. It had been a while since I had walked alone. The sun burned bright in all its furious glory. And there was silence. Silence, except for the rustling of the dry leaves under my feet.

It was a long walk from my department. I checked my phone. No new messages, no missed calls, and no balance. I looked in my bag. No iPod either. It would be a lonely walk with just me and my thoughts. I had walked these paths many a time, sometimes, like now, with the sun at its glory, and sometimes at night, when the pale blue moonlight washes over it all. Sometimes in the evening, when the streets are buzzing with activity, with people returning from classes, going out with friends, or just aimlessly roaming around. And sometimes early in the morning, at 7:30, when the unlucky few who have just woken up and shoved down breakfast hurry to class, still in a daze. And I had been one of those people, too. One of the people rushing to class in a hurry, or one among the giggling girls- chattering away, or even one among the random set of people wondering “why am I with them?”

And I have walked these paths in winter, when you savour the sun’s warmth during the day and shiver at night. I have walked these paths in the rain, trying hard to guide my cycle with one hand with an umbrella in the other. And then, sometimes when its too hot and its pouring I just walked out into the rain and let it drench me from head to toe. Or sometimes, when I am in a playful mood, I have made it a point to jump on all the puddles on the way, squealing with delight like a little child. And in the summer, I have been wishing I had an umbrella, or a cap, or even a sunscreen lotion or a cycle that worked so that I could get out of the sun as soon as possible.

I see one of my friends walking hand-in -hand with her boyfriend. Cute couple, I say to myself, while yearning for one of those walks again. And I remember those walks, a year ago in the middle of the night, when such things were wonderfully new and exciting. And I smile, lost in my thoughts.

But life from the first year has changed. For one, a lot more seems to be happening around me all the time. Before I realize it the day has turned into a week. But maybe, more than the things around me, it I who have changed, become more social and relaxed in peoples’ company. I feel the need to do more things now. And, surprisingly, I enjoy them too. I actually like being busy. Life seems to be good for now. Its tiring, but its fun too and it promises to get even better


Ayesha said...

Nice one! Seems like you are having a lot of fun. And you seem to have grown up a lot too. Keep enjoying yourself. :)

Achyut said...


I have observed that in solitude, self introspection is an exception rather than a rule for me.

Most of the time when I'm alone, I am either analyzing the latest wikipedia article in my head or thinking about some totally abstract and arbitrary situation.

And this place is brilliant, of course.

Shreya said...

Very poetic, I say!! Almost lyrical-
"..I have walked these paths in winter, when you savour the sun’s warmth during the day and shiver at night. I have walked these paths in the rain.." I like! :)